Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Beast

Someone early in my marriage told me that a Cuisinart was a must-have kitchen tool. For my very first Mother's Day in 1980, my husband bought me one. It is still running. When my mother died in 2007, I kept her larger machine (almost as old as mine) and gave my first one away. Then several weeks ago a neighborhood estate sale was calling my name. Only a garage saler would understand that. As I perused the tabletops, there sat the biggest Cuisinart I had ever seen. I could tell from the glossy sheen on the workbowl that it had not been used much. The price was $38… really? I am thinking the work bowl could at least be used to replace my cracked one, and a new work bowl alone would be twice that. The lady held it for me while I raced home to measure the bowl diameter of my machine. Holy moly… 1" too wide. Quickly I researched the machine. The lowest price of this machine was $630 from Amazon Prime, retailing for over $1200. Commercial grade, caterer preferred Cuisinart. Steel knife + 4 blades. The beast… now THAT's a bowl of chicken salad.

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